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Samantha Flack Icon Post

After three hours of work, I bring you icons from CSI:NY episode 5.01 - Veritas.

Slight spoilers under the cut

[31] Samantha Flack
[6] Don Flack & Samantha Flack
[1] Samantha Flack & Danny Messer

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Anna Morasca/Eva Longoria Parker Megapost

[2] Eva Longoria Parker - Detective Anna Morasca
[1] Detective Anna Morasca - OOC
[38] Gabrielle Solis - Desperate Housewives

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Detective Anna Morasca, New York City Crime Lab.Collapse )

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Dirty Boy

Title: Dirty Boy
Fandom: CSI:NY
Characters/Pairings: Detective Anna Morasca/Detective Don Flack, Detective Jessica Angell
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Humor
Warnings: None
Description: Flack takes a plunge during pursuit of a suspect, while Anna and Angell get a few laughs out of it.
Author's Note: Written as part of iluvroadrunner6's birthday present!

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Icon Mix

[1] Adam Ross and Anna Morasca
[1] Jessica Angell and Anna Morasca
[1] Stella Bonasera and Anna Morasca
[1] Lindsay Monroe and Anna Morasca
[4] Anna Morasca and Danny Messer
[3] Don Flack/Anna Morasca
[1] Eva Longoria Parker and Sophia Bush
[1] Gabrielle Solis/John Rowland
[1] Roselyn Sanchez and Eva Longoria Parker
[1] Kate/Sawyer
[1] Evangeline Lilly
[1] Maggie Grace and Evangeline Lilly
[1] Lindsay and Martin Boxer
[3] Lindsay Boxer and Tom Hogan
[1] Eva Longoria Parker [Animated]

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Mix and matchCollapse )

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Awards Post

Just a place to keep my awards. Not that I actually win a lot.

TOS StillsCollapse )

DFlack IcontestCollapse )

WMC StillsCollapse )

Spitfire & Gambit Icons

[8] Evangeline Lilly - Professor Haylie Snyder/Spitfire for chiamo_spitfire
[8] Spitfire & Gambit
[50] Josh Holloway - Remy LeBeau/Gambit for acesupyersleeve

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My, my, aren't we confident Gambit?Collapse )

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Ryan Wolfe [CSI:Miami] Icons

[55] Ryan Wolfe for nevercry_wolfe

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Headers and Banners Post #1

[8] Eva Longoria Parker - Detective Anna Morasca Headers for vivo_per_ardua
[1] Burton Guster Header
[2] Eva Longoria Parker & Ricardo Antonio Chavira - Detectives Anna Morasca & William Carson Banners
[4] Eva Longoria Parker - Detective Anna Morasca Banners
[2] Inspector Lindsay Boxer & Inspector Warren Jacobi Banners
[3] Inspector Lindsay Boxer Banners


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