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Random Icon Batch #3

[2] Holly Lauren
[1] Jesse Metcalfe - Ryan Brooks
[2] Sophia Bush - Eva Brooks for sorella_italia
[2] Detectives Don Flack, Anna Morasca, and Danny Messer
[2] Flack/Morasca [Animated]
[4] Detective Don Flack & Detective Danny Messer

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Request Icons

[15] Chris Evans - Christopher Hitchcock for notawarrior
[15] Dr. Jordin Cavanaugh for trust_issue
[15] Andrew McCarthy - Special Agent Chris Lipton for agentlipton
[15] Lieutenant Connie Murphy for lieu_murphy

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Christopher HitchcockCollapse )

Dr. Jordan CavanaughCollapse )

Special Agent Chris LiptonCollapse )

Lieutenant Connie MurphyCollapse )

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Flack Attack

[5] Detective Don Flack
[6] Detective Don Flack for Challenge #11 @ dflackicontest
[6] Detective Don Flack for Challenge #12 @ dflackicontest
[6] Detective Don Flack for Challenge #15 @ dflackicontest

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You wanna talk about the difference between DNA and RNA? 'Cause that's scintillatin' conversation right there.Collapse )

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In Honor of Two Months - Flack/Morasca

Some of these have been sitting on my laptop for about a month, some of them I just made last night/this morning. This post is dedicated to iluvroadrunner6, who is the Flack to my Anna. Seriously, people. These two are becoming my OTP. EMILY! EMILY! I MADE A WALLPAPER! And I know I'm shameless. Holy crap, today's their two-month anniversary. I have the best timing ever.

[9] Flack/Morasca icons
[1] Flack/Morasca wallpaper

- -

'I missed seeing you.' 'Me too.'Collapse )


Okay, I totally forgot that Photobucket resizes EVERYTHING so if you want the wallpaper, comment and I'll e-mail it to you. Damnit.

Credit for the wallpaper format!idea goes to gusthemoose!


Title: Unbreakable
Fandom: CSI:NY
Characters/Pairings: Detective Don Flack/Detective Anna Morasca, Detective Stella Bonasera, Detective Mac Taylor, Detective Danny Messer; mentions of: Detective Lindsay Monroe, Detective Jessica Angell, and Adam Ross
Rating: R
Genre: Angst/Drama
Warnings: Explicit content and graphic themes
Description: Anna becomes a target for a dangerous murderer, and Flack has to find a way to handle it while Anna fights for her life.
Author's Note: Rather dark and twisted, inspired by a quote from Gandhi I saw at mind_the_muse. Many thanks to iluvroadrunner6 for her help with the first two scenes between Flack and Mac and for being an amazing Flack. ♥~

"They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me - then they will have my dead body, not my obedience."
-Mahatma Gandhi

It happened so fast, but that’s always the way it happens in these situations, any cop knows that.Collapse )

Sweet Surprise

Title: Sweet Surprise
Fandom: Law & Order/CSI:NY
Characters/Pairings: Flack/Morasca, mentions of: Detective Nina Cassady, Detective Danny Messer, Detective Jessica Angell, Detective Stella Bonasera, Detective Mac Taylor
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
Description: Flack surprises Anna by doing something that's not by the book.
Author's Note: Fluff! Because I wanted cute and I've listened to When You Look Me In The Eyes by the Jonas Brothers a little too much.

Yeah, but I'm not exactly lookin' at her.Collapse )

94 Icons - "Called Home" & "Darkness"

[7] Lieutenant Anita VanBuren
[12] ADA Connie Rubirosa
[3] ME Liz Rodgers
[9] DA Jack McCoy
[16] Detective Cyrus Lupo
[12] Detective Ed Green
[27] EADA Michael Cutter
[3] Green & Rubirosa
[1] McCoy & Cutter
[1] Green & Lupo
[1] Green & Cutter
[1] Cutter & Rubirosa
[1] Miscellaneous

- - - -

I'm coming homeCollapse )

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Present for iluvroadrunner6

Made for Emily because she spent two days listening to my bitching while I've been sick.

[3] Detective Nina Cassady
[2] Kate Austen
[3] Detective Don Flack
[2] Detective Danny Messer

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Takuya Kimura for alina_cantha

[30] Takuya Kimura - Sho Miura for shosan

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Gift Post for gusthemoose

Because Liz had such a crappy day yesterday...

[12] Lieutenant Connie Murphy
[10] Detective John Munch
[10] Monica Bellucci - Detective Andrea Viviano for det_viviano

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